Attitude of Gratitude

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"The list is long and growing daily….I am blessed with the power of choice; an 'attitude of gratitude' is the one that serves me best." Abstinence p. 157
When things seem to be going on the "cruddy" side I tend to continue to focus on the negatives and get myself into pity party mode. Oh poor me, why is life so tough and difficult for me. Well, I'm not the only one who encounters life and deals with tough and painful situations. What I can do when I'm in the midst of these tough and painful situations is turn my will and my life over to the care of God, trust that things are exactly as they should be and then start writing out a gratitude list. In the end I most likely will be able to come up with more positives and things to be grateful for which outshine the troubling issue at that moment.
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

God’s Will – Not Mine…

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“We will no longer simply do what we feel like doing or what we think we can get away with. Instead, we will earnestly seek to learn God’s will for us, then we will act accordingly.” The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous p. 24
For many years it was all about me. My wants, my needs, my desires, just all about me and no one else mattered. The longer I’m in program the more I realize that it’s more powerful to let go and be willing to carry out God’s will. I’ve tried for many years to force my will and it’s fruitless. Following a path of God’s will for me releases a lot of stress, frustration and worry and allows my Faith to grow ever stronger and trusting more and more in my HP, allowing him to guide me each day, in every instance.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

Humble Gratitude

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"Cultivate humble gratitude that you were fortunate enough to find out what was wrong with you before it was too late." -Before You Take That First Compulsive Bite, Remember…
I have moments where I think "Gosh, I wish I had found OA sooner." However, it's all in God's time as this is actually my second go round in coming through those OA doors. In God's eyes, he knew the "right" time for me. I'm grateful that I found program when I did. I have been in program the majority of all my children's lives and I know that it saved me in regards to being the best mother that I could possibly be (not perfect mind you). I also know that it kept my marriage alive; I can't imagine with as sick as I was that my husband would have stuck it out for all these years. My career has also soared since coming into program and I'm grateful to be exactly where I am. When I start moaning and groaning about the normal, every day "life" things that cause little bumps in the road I have to stop and look how far I have come, how much recovery I have gained and know that in the end, it's all good!
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

Turning It Over…


"If I don't know which way to go, I turn the problem over to God in Steps Three and Eleven, completely confident that the answer will come." For Today pg. 25
Spending the last 17 years of my career in the Information Technology arena there has always been a saying of "when in doubt re-boot." Well, the same goes for my daily life in that when I'm in doubt, I turn it over to my HP. It doesn't matter if it's my food, my financial insecurity, my worries, my fears, an issue at work, etc. I know that my HP is always by my side and can take whatever I'm struggling with and give me a sense of freedom. That freedom is knowing that when and if I have to make a decision or do something about an issue, he will give it back to me when it's time.
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

Three Steps on the Way to Boomer

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Have you ever noticed how little you notice?

That's how I felt this morning when I realized that not only was the Step 1-2-3 Workshop in Kernersville last Saturday a simply wonderful event in its own right (many thanks to Special Events Chair Anne P., Elaine, and everyone who helped put it together!) but it was also perfectly timed to lead into the Fall Retreat in Boomer next weekend!  I was thinking about how lucky I feel to be able to go to Boomer (my first OA retreat) and extra lucky that I was able to go to the workshop as a way to prepare my recovery for an inspiration injection.

And then I realized, they planned it that way! Or if they didn't, surely HP did.

I'm not sure exactly what to expect in Boomer, but based on testimony from last year, it's likely to be an amazing experience. And best of all is that we'll be making room and making time for the miracle to occur.



Fall Retreat

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October 8, 2010 5:00 pmtoOctober 10, 2010 10:00 am




Hosted by Triangle OA

Annual Fall Retreat
Camp Harrison at Herring Ridge
Boomer, NC

For more information about the event, please visit

For more information about the venue, please visit

Service opportunities may be available – to find out send an email to

October Triad Intergroup Meeting

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October 2, 2010
10:00 amto1:00 pm




Triad Intergroup Meeting

First Baptist Church
130 Gwyn Ave
Church House
Elkin, NC 28621

(336) 835-2642