Welcome to OA, Welcome Home!

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Rather than make a bunch of resolutions that will keep us caught up in our illusions of control and be broken by March anyway, we are blessed to have the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the Triangle OA Intergroup in Raleigh!


A chance to start 2011 on the right foot… doing the footwork to keep our recovery first.

See Triangle OA for more information.


Welcome to OA, Welcome Home!
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,
2723 Clark Ave.
Education Bldg., Rm. 220
Raleigh, NC 27607
January 1, 2011, 9 AM – 1 PM

Steps 4 & 5 Workshop

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January 29, 2011
1:00 pmto5:00 pm




Main Street United Methodist Church
306 South Main Street
Kernersville, NC
(In the chapel)

Come partake in a down to basics study of two powerful steps necessary to our recovery.
We will listen, learn, share and have fellowship together.
Please bring your Big Book and your Twelve & Twelve of OA.



Take Business I-40 to Exit 14 – South Main Street
From Winston & points west, turn LEFT at the top of the ramp.
From Greensboro & points east, turn RIGHT at the top of the ramp.
Go approximately 1 mile [past the Moravian Church on the left, past Korner's Folly on the right].
Go past Main Street United Methodist and turn LEFT onto Tanyard Lane.
Park in the large lot on the right, adjacent to the church.

If you need a ride, please call someone from your meeting, or send an email through the private yahoo group.

Holiday Button Pushing

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"I do not have to give another person's actions the power to knock me off balance." For Today p. 279

I have certain family members who push my buttons and trigger my compulsive overeating (and often times can trigger other compulsions). Being knee deep in the holiday season this can be a time for major button pushing. On top of the normal stresses of the holidays we can be with those that we see infrequently and are at times obligated to interact because it's the holiday gathering time. Well, I can make a choice during these gatherings to stay on my side of the street while taking my program and my Higher Power with me when visiting with friends and family. There is no reason to take anyones actions whether it be their compulsive overeating, over drinking or general rude behaviors and allow them to knock me off track. Why give the power to someone else to take away my recovery? I can lovingly accept each person exactly as God made them, embrace their nature and pray for them. I don't have to lose that light that I have inside of me because of one bad apple. What I want to carry with me into each holiday occasion is the new joy that I now know by being in this program and living it every moment of every day and praising my Higher Power and constantly seeking out his will for me.

I wish all of you a wonderful and joyous holiday season with the absence of button pushing!! :-)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

Rowing to shore…

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"Pray to God, but continue to row to shore." Russian proverb as quoted in For Today p. 136
This proverb reminds me that as important as it is to live one day at a time and turn my will and my life over to my Higher Power (HP), *I* still have to do the footwork. I can reach out to my HP for guidance, for answers, for support, for love and to just plain show me. However, I still have to be the one that works this program, using the tools daily, putting my abstinence first, carrying the message and providing as much service as I can. I still have to work at it! No one ever said working this program was going to be easy; nor did they say that once I worked it I would graduate and I wouldn't have to live life on life's terms. Rather, rowing to shore means that I can actually live life on life's terms and NOT create a lot of drama, not to panic/worry/fear, not constantly live in victim mode and be in a pity party. Rowing to shore can be as difficult or as smooth as I choose to make it!!
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

Exactly What We Need…

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"…our fears usually stem from our inability to trust that our basic needs will be met." The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous pp, 49, 50
Never enough, there will never be enough is what I used to think. Never enough love, protection, friends, money, stuff….food. Ah, food. I thought I could find solace in the food because I could always get my hands on the food. But, no matter how much food I shoved in my mouth, it was never enough. It never filled that void that I was so desperately trying to fill. However, for today, when I turn my will and my life over to the care of God ON A DAILY BASIS I know that all of my needs will be met. I know that God will give me exactly what I need when I need it. I don't have to control everyone and everything in my life. I don't have to try to force my will to happen. It's all about God's will and when I stop each day to say "here you God, take this because I don't know what to do with it" the weight of the world is lifted from my shoulders. What a great way to live. I thank God each day for this program!
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do no represent OA as a whole.

Chair’s Report From SOAR 8

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A Radical Departure from Normal Reporting,
And a Radical Psychic Shift 



A psychic shift occurred for me at the November 2010 SOAR 8 Business Conference, which began nearly 9 years ago when I first walked into the rooms, and was carried by a current greater than myself to service beyond the group level.

We have all felt the growing spirituality of individual OA members as it is carried into OA meetings. A fellowship evolves that urges us to participate fully, and we find ourselves willingly offering service to the group and other individuals. Sooner or later, we individuals are called to have a voice in how our central meeting or meetings are run. As in our personal homes, we find we have values that need a voice.

In OA, groups remain autonomous, unity in diversity is supported, many give service rather than only a few.

Our Intergroup, the Triad Intergroup, is made up of meetings or groups in roughly 7 counties in north/central North Carolina. We have meetings in North Wilkesboro in the west over to Greensboro in the east, and recently our southernmost meeting was listed in Salisbury, [Rowan] County.

Triad IG is organized in accordance with our Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts of Service. Other than following these principles, intergroups are also autonomous—except if we affect OA as a whole, and except that we are required to have filed a set of Bylaws with WSO so we are transparent and accountable to our members.

Triad Intergroup is an affiliated intergroup of the Southeastern Overeaters Anonymous Region, number 8, or SOAR 8. SOAR 8 does the business of marshaling resources and distributing resources, of representing its Intergroups, groups, and members, a conduit to the World Service Organization.

At the World Service Office, outreach goes on all over the world, literature is published, and our group conscience by this time is a mighty thing. Group conscience has helped OA evolve endlessly from its early days. We have powerful examples such as how plans of eating evolved, how the definition of abstinence continues to evolve, and most recently, the birth of a ninth tool — plan of action. Work in the last few years has helped OA focus our resources to understand what to do and how to be attractive to those who still suffer, without falling into the pitfalls of promotion.

In early November, contributions from all of the affiliated meetings in the Triad Intergroup area sent me to Orlando, FL for the third of three annual SOAR 8 Business Conventions.

The complete minutes of the Business Convention are published online [on the SOAR 8 site]. Rather than duplicate those here, I want to summarize the three events that stand out for me.

  • Motions earlier this year ruled that there would be no motions from the floor at this convention, so only emergency motions could be introduced outside the planned agenda. The intention was of course to make more business possible. The result was that several emergency motions came up that were not emergencies; they simply had to come up to fix other problems which always seem to arise with parliamentary procedure. Eventually, the non-emergency emergency motions were voted down because they weren’t emergencies. Most of our motions turned in a big circle—a phenomenon I am happy to say has me laughing today instead of howling in frustration. What I learned was the business of running a principled, spiritual organization is metaphysical. When I approached being the Chair of our area, I feared it would then be my job to be sure recovery reached all those who suffer. Uh huh. Big job. Instead, I found more third step work than I thought existed. I found personal freedom, I watched my fellows find freedom from their personal burdens, and then I went to SOAR 8 and found recovery in that journey as well. It just never looks like the picture in my head.
  • Although it is difficult to hold a committee service position when not attending all the business meetings, it is not impossible. I joined the Bylaws committee because Atiya from Raleigh is the Chair, and I thought I could do something useful, being neighbors. I will be working with her to attract subscriptions to Lifeline as part of the electronic documents section of the Committee's primary purpose. No doubt you'll be hearing more about this…
  • The main event I want to report here is that in November of 2011, SOAR 8 will be hosted for the first time in history outside of the United States. We will meet in Medellin, Colombia.  I began the weekend of meetings feeling concerned that SOAR 8 resources would be drained by helping South Americans. Why weren't we talking about how wacky the delineation of our Region is? Why were we dealing with all those cultural and language issues when we still need help right here, when there is so much to do? And then… I heard another Rep connect the concept of nationality as contrary to the principle of anonymity. My magical mind began to open up. When it was time to vote on our next November location, the Colombian delegates spoke about their recovery, their desire to have a voice, their willingness, and the urgency of their calling. They were standing up to offer me service.

Recovery is for those who want it, not those who need it.

I came home moved beyond words… until I started writing this… and now you probably wish I HAD moved. Those of you, who want recovery, reach out to service, gently, within the guidelines of your step work, but reach. There are Yoda-like adventures and a fellowship beyond your imagination out here. You cannot imagine what will happen or how it will play out for you in your recovery, but I assure you, you will be lifted.

Linda, Triad Intergroup Chair



December Intergroup Meeting


December 4, 2010
10:00 amto3:00 pm




Benjamin Branch Library
1530 Benjamin Parkway
Greensboro, NC 27408
(877) 366-4605

From Winston-Salem & points west
Take I-40 to EXIT 210 (Hwy 68)
Turn LEFT at the bottom of the ramp onto Hwy. 68 North
Go about 2 miles
Take the EXIT for Bryan Blvd/PTI Airport
Follow Bryan Blvd. toward Greensboro for about 8 miles
Take the EXIT for Holden Road North (the second one)
Turn RIGHT onto Holden at the top of the ramp
Go less than a mile on Holden Road to the second stop light
(not including the flashing caution light at Gracewood)
Turn RIGHT onto Benjamin Parkway
Go a couple hundred yards and
Turn LEFT onto Oakcrest Ave
Benjamin Library is on the corner on your RIGHT

From Gibsonville & points east
Take I-40 to EXIT 135 (Rock Creek Dairy Road)
Turn RIGHT at the top of the ramp onto Rock Creek Dairy Rd
Go 100 yards to the stop light
Turn LEFT onto Hwy 70-westbound
Go about 12 1/2 miles (Hwy 70 will turn into Wendover Ave in Greensboro)
Take the EXIT for Benjamin Parkway North
Follow ramp to Benjamin Pkwy
Go through two stop light intersections
Take the RIGHT FORK to stay on Benjamin Pkwy
Benjamin Branch Library is less than half a mile on your RIGHT