Being Present

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"All I have to do is live now. It is enough. There may be life in the future, and there was certainly life in the past, but my footing is in the present. Today is where the past has its meaning, and where the future is shaped." For Today p. 4

Being present means I'm conscious of what I'm doing, no matter what I'm doing…driving my car, talking to a friend on the phone, drinking a cup of tea, playing a game with my kids. When I find myself focusing on other things as in my "to do" list while I'm doing something else I'm not being present. If I'm driving I need to focus on driving, if I'm talking with a friend I need to be present, listen and be a friend. If on a conference call I need to be focusing on the call and not checking email. Being present is about focusing on the task at hand which leads me to focus on one day at a time/one moment at a time. If I'm looking at my past and getting stuck, I'm not embracing the present moment…which is a present from God. If I'm looking forward to when "things get better" or "I'll feel better when I get through…" I'm still not focusing on the present moment. If embrace today, dig in deep I can figure out the joys in the present.
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Slow growth is growth!. I came into program thinking I would use the tools, clean up my food, lose weight, work the steps then graduate and leave program. Then I realized this was a commitment, one day at a time for as long as I needed to do it. Then I thought that I needed to work it hard and fast and perfect. And then it turned into the questions of why am I not seeing results quick enough, and why am I struggling again, and why do I continue to see challenges? Each day that I work this program and grow is some form of growth. So for me, as long as I'm working it, doing my best and not trying to be perfect and or rush through this I'm growing. Any growth is good growth.
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"I do not have to give another person's actions the power to knock me off balance" For Today p. 279
I've spent most of my life wondering what others thought about me or will think about me based on actions and/or decisions I made. If I made a decision and someone had a comment questioning my decision or giving another point of view I went into the mode of thinking I did something wrong or made the wrong choice. Most of the time, others actions and/or opinions are based on their own ideals, values, issues, resentments, beliefs and have nothing to do with me. I need to just trust. I need to not only trust my Higher Power but to trust myself and know that wherever I'm being led is via my Higher Power. There are no right or wrong decisions…just decisions. When I give the power to someone else to skew my thinking then I'm not leading my life by God's will or plan for me. And, giving power to another is wasted energy when I have the power right inside of me to trust, believe and feel at peace with exactly where I am and who I am.
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed here are those of the individual OA member and do not represent OA as a whole.

February Triad IG Meeting

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February 5, 2011
10:00 amto4:00 pm




Next Triad IG Meeting
Meets February 5, 2011
10 a.m. until concluded

All OA Members are welcome to attend

Lebanon United Methodist Church
237 Idol St
High Point, NC 26272

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