Several times throughout the day I need to stop and ask myself "what do you need?" And many times I have to ask my Higher Power for help in this area. Sometimes I don't know what I need and the knee-jerk reaction can be "I need food" when actually I may need rest, sleep, exercise or contact with another adult. After a long and busy day at work, immediate after work activities with the kids I came home to fix supper and later in the evening found myself roaming around the kitchen. The kids were in bed and I opened the fridge and started to grab something. I stopped and asked my Higher Power for help and asked him to show me what I needed. I shut the door, went upstairs, crawled in bed and shortly thereafter fell asleep. I did not need food, I was not hungry. But, so many times when I'm alone, lonely and/or tired I turn to the food. I'm glad for my Higher Power's help as I did not want to go to bed or wake up with the guilt and shame that I always feel after compulsively overeating. All I have to ask is "what do I need?" ask for help and all that I need will be there.

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