It feels really great to walk into each new year in program and NOT have a resolution of losing weight or trying the latest diet. There were so many triggers in the past which led me to the food and led me to jumping into other folks' business. The success of the holidays for me is to completely stay on my side of the street. I have learned there is no "perfect" holiday for any family out there. There are addictions, dysfunction, skeletons, baggage…but none of that is any of my business. What is key for me is to not take a "vacation" from program around the holidays and to stay out of the way of everyone else. The holidays bring forth special days, but at the end of the day, they are just another day out of 365 and I still need to continue working my program. The biggest blessing this year was providing service at a workshop. Having volunteered for that service around the holidays strengthened my program and helped me get out of my head each time I worked on my preparation. I'm hoping for another wonderful year in program where each of us can continue to grow and learn ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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